When is transmedia not transmedia?

This is the topic that I keep com­ing back to. And the ques­tion that I keep com­ing back to. Trans­me­dia, that is. And the ques­tion of just how many peo­ple define it in as many ways.

In my daily feed, I saw that there’s a new blog titled “Today’s Trans­me­dia Women.” My first thought was: “groovy! Trans­me­dia as applied to women’s issues around the world? How do I get in on that action?”

And then, I actu­ally looked at the blog.

Sad panda…

It’s not so much what I just described. Well, it is a blog, and it does deal with women’s issues. Kind of. And it deals with trans­me­dia. Kind of. But it does nei­ther very well, and it cer­tainly doesn’t com­bine the two top­ics in any real or rel­e­vant way–the posts could eas­ily be parsed into two com­pletely sep­a­rate blogs. This blog might know what trans­me­dia is, but they’re not even pre­tend­ing to use it for any purpose.

So, to bring us back to the world where we actu­ally want to use trans­me­dia sto­ry­telling (namely, an indie-film set­ting), I have a graphic from the really rockin’ Steve Peters to help us dis­cern when trans­me­dia is, well, not. I think this one is my favorite so far…


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