So, where do we start?

As part of the estab­lish­ment of my blog, I had to cre­ate an “Action-idea”–basically, a dynamic story arc for what I’m try­ing to accom­plish here. What I came up with is this:

We’ve seen pro­found changes in the pub­lish­ing and music dis­tri­b­u­tion indus­tries, but the dig­i­tal rev­o­lu­tion as regards the film indus­try is still in its infancy. A Seat­tle per­former starts an open dis­cus­sion about bring­ing the rev­o­lu­tion to the local inde­pen­dent film community–what innovation(s) will carry inde­pen­dent film mak­ing into the future? From first con­cep­tual draft, to how to best cir­cum­vent the “festival/distribution” model that enter­tain­ment fea­tures still labor under, no piece of the process will be off-limits for dis­cus­sion. The goal is to use open-sourcing to build a com­pletely new model from the ground up–will Seat­tle film­mak­ers be up to the task?

Which now begs the ques­tion: where do we start?

Maybe I’ll just start throw­ing up infor­ma­tion and ques­tions, and let the dia­logue dic­tate where we focus.…

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