Seattle True Independent Film Festival

The Seat­tle True Inde­pen­dent Film Fes­ti­val (Or, STIFF), is open for submissions.

In gen­eral, I’m not too fond of film fes­ti­vals. Once the place where indie film­mak­ers could get a show­ing, they seem to have become merely another venue for those already on the big-name list to see and be seen. And con­sid­er­ing my opin­ion on the need for inde­pen­dent film­mak­ers to find new mod­els for dis­tri­b­u­tion than the fes­ti­val route, I wouldn’t nor­mally rec­om­mend sub­mit­ting in most circumstances.

But I like STIFF bet­ter than that. They really appear to be com­mit­ted to show­cas­ing local, inde­pen­dent film. While this can some­times (more than I’d like) result in the show­ing of some sub-par films (and boy, have I seen some bad ones!), it’s a fun expe­ri­ence to par­tic­i­pate. STIFF feels more like a com­mu­nity showing–an actual fes­ti­val even–than a competition.

Any film­maker out there in the Seat­tle area (or Wash­ing­ton state, for that mat­ter) would be well-served to sub­mit. Local pro­duc­ers sub­mit for free, receive a full pass whether or not the sub­mis­sion is accepted, and if a screen­ing does come of it, the worst that can hap­pen is some crit­i­cal feedback.

Think of it as a really easy way to screen a project for an audi­ence, with­out hav­ing to go to the trou­ble and expense of rent­ing a the­ater and try­ing to get your flaky film friends to actu­ally show up for a change…

4 thoughts on “Seattle True Independent Film Festival

  1. I think my favorite part about STIFF is as you men­tioned even if a sub­mis­sion is not accepted the film­maker still gets a full pass. There’s some­thing sup­port­ive and non-corporate about that kind of rec­i­p­ro­cal love…they reward the action of cre­ativ­ity. Plus they build atten­dance for the fes­ti­val and both sides win.

  2. Wow… I didn’t know that local pro­duc­ers can sub­mit to SIFF for free, and get free passes too! That is really cool con­sid­er­ing how expen­sive other fes­ti­vals’ sub­mis­sion fee can be.

  3. Inter­est­ing! How long has the “anti” fes­ti­val been going on? It would be inter­est­ing to hear from some­one who has sub­mit­ted to the fes­ti­val before…

  4. STIFF is a lot of fun. There are some real doozies that get screened, but also some really fun indie flicks. The feel­ing is much more organic than the stan­dard fes­ti­val, too.

    @Kim: I’ve had a cou­ple of films I’ve been in there, so I’ll ask one of my pro­ducer friends to give me a post on it. Great idea!

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