Real film in this day and age

I’ve been get­ting a daily feed of searches about inde­pen­dent film. This entry from last night’s results really made me wonder…

Seattle International Film Festival--Fundamentals of Film

SIFF’s Fun­da­men­tals of Film Workshop

That’s right. SIFF is host­ing work­shops on old-skool film.

Does any­body use film any­more? While I love the rich­ness that some stocks give, who can afford to use real film, with its req­ui­site devel­op­ment and edit­ing costs?

On a per­sonal level, I’ve always kind of thought that SIFF was try­ing a lit­tle too hard–you know, like that hip­ster every­one knows who likes PBR and Edward Sharpe & the Mag­netic Zeros *because* they’re bad, not in spite of it. This work­shop set fits right in with that thought.

Don’t get me wrong–I think that SIFF is a really valu­able part of the com­mu­nity. But I would love to see them give more focus to local film and slightly less to big-name “inde­pen­dent” pro­duc­tions. Which would (I think) be the only peo­ple who could afford to use real film stock for their shoots.

So, is film really dead? Is it a hip­ster pre­ten­tious thing? Or am I just too snarky?

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