You’ve reached my for­mer freelance/academic land­ing page. Right now, I’m work­ing full-time with Ama­zon (they say that one year with Ama­zon is equiv­a­lent to two years of expe­ri­ence any­where else–they’re right!). I’m hav­ing a blast, man­ag­ing con­tent for Ama­zon’s Glob­al Employ­er Brand, but it does­n’t leave me much time to do inde­pen­dent work. So, this page is a ret­ro­spec­tive of my pre-Ama­zon career, and isn’t reflec­tive of my cur­rent work–contact me if you want to see what I’m work­ing on now!

In the menu, you will find links to my CV and web port­fo­lio, with exam­ples of my past writ­ing, web design, and edi­to­r­i­al work. Knock your­self out.