All indie film is pretentious, part two


Just as I was reply­ing to posts from my pre­vi­ous thread, “Is there an ‘indie-film’ stereo­type?”, this was deliv­ered to my inbox:

Indie film exhibits all the errors of the Genre

My first thought: BAH-HA-haha­ha­ha­ha­haaaaaaaaaaaaa.

My sec­ond thought: “You know, this real­ly would have been bril­liant, if only the author had a good grasp of homonyms and spelling…” (the cou­ple errors have since been rec­ti­fied)

But my third thought final­ly was some­thing rel­e­vant. Name­ly, that the review was exact­ly what I was talk­ing about the oth­er day. Mas­trac­ci nails sev­er­al com­mon inde­pen­dent film topoi, and then slams the film for liv­ing down to those stereo­typ­i­cal expec­ta­tions.

I feel so val­i­dat­ed…

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