50,000 Bones make a silent statement

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50,000 bones make a silent statement

Usu­ally, this many bones in one place is the worst thing imag­in­able. But this mass grave is a thing of beauty and hope, hand­made by peo­ple who want to make a difference.

Stori­fied by Kat Schroeder · Mon, Apr 09 2012 15:11:51

Edited 9 April, 12:10pm, to cor­rect details of dona­tion generation.
This is the story of 51,230 bones, laid out in Congo Square, New Orleans on 7 April, 2012. A pre­view of 2013’s National Mall instal­la­tion of One Mil­lion Bones, through @StudentsRebuild will bone will gen­er­ate $1–up to $500,000–for @CARE’s human­i­tar­ian efforts in Soma­lia and the Demo­c­ra­tic Repub­lic of Congo.
@onemillionbones 50,000 Bones pre­view instal­la­tion on April 7 in New Orleans: http://onemillionbones.squarespace.com/new-orleans/ http://pic.twitter.com/wn9lz1odSites of Conscience
Just how does one get 50,000 bones packed up and moved to where one needs them? Inquir­ing minds want to know.
One Mil­lion Bones — BLOG6 days ago … I hope that I don’t jinx us, but I really want to share this: For the last 15 days in a row, some men­tion of One Mil…
.@OneMillionBones set to lay 50,000 bones in New Orleans’ Congo Square on Sat­ur­day; seek­ing vol­un­teers: http://bit.ly/HxDwJySilicon Bayou News
A much smaller pre­view of the Congo Square installation:
One mil­lion bones. http://pic.twitter.com/Kxsqj2gMKia Johnson
It was heart­en­ing to see the num­ber of peo­ple pro­mot­ing the event:
Com­mu­nity Sevice “One Mil­lion Bones” is this Sat­ur­day from 10– 4 at Louis Arm­strong Park. See you all thereC-100 | Dillard
Come join us and our part­ner OMB tomor­row, April 7th, as hun­dreds of peo­ple from around New Orleans gather in Congo Square to lay down 50,000 hand­made bones; hon­or­ing vic­tims and sur­vivors of ongo­ing con­flicts in D.R. Congo, Sudan and Soma­lia. http://artfullyaware.org/onemillionbonesArtfully Aware
This next post was tweeted and re-tweeted–NOLA Defender was a great resource for us:
One Mil­lion Bones to be laid down in Congo Square tomor­row. Details: http://bit.ly/IcRvG8 #NOLANOLA Defender
@FallingWhistles RT @FleurtyGirl @NolaDefender One Mil­lion Bones to be laid down in Congo Square tomor­row. http://bit.ly/IcRvG8 #NOLAsheree
RT @sigfest This is a must see RT @noladefender: One Mil­lion Bones to be laid down in Congo Square tomor­row. Details: http://t.…CongoRT
One Mil­lion Bones To Lay 50,000 Bones in Congo Square This Sat­ur­day: By Molly Oehmichen This Sat­ur­day, April 7th… http://bit.ly/IfDkiUNolaVie
Food and music. Gets ‘em every time…
RT @spokenbeats: One Mil­lion Bones event @ Arm­strong tomor­row, 10–5. You should come out. Free food and music. http://www.facebook.com/messages/?action=read&tid=meMh93%2FO708FL2eMnqKIyg#!/events/210689879031314/DaiN
And then NOLA.com got in the action–another big info site help­ing us out!
One Mil­lion Bones Project to make a state­ment in Congo Square http://bit.ly/IhCQfMNOLA.com
One Mil­lion Bones Project to make a state­ment in Congo Square — more at http://medical-discussions.com/Freelance Journalist
One Mil­lion Bones Project this SAT 11:am in Congo Square calls atten­tion to deaths is Congo and else­where in Africa http://bit.ly/HERqtJNew Orleans *for you
Peo­ple who were actu­ally plan­ning to GO to the event–we like them lots!!
Today’s plans: Cheer­ing on friends who are run­ning in the Cres­cent City Clas­sic; One Mil­lion Bones; Slut­walk; my anniver­sary toast!uǝןɐʞ
Going to TED Fel­low Naomi Natale’s One Mil­lion Bones event in Congo Square in NOLA today! http://bit.ly/Hvmj8hCandy Chang
With all the peo­ple talk­ing about the event, I started to get impa­tient to see what was going on…
#1in1million NOLA peeps: upload your pics! @StudentsRebuild @OneMillionBones wants every­one to see them #con­gosquare #50kNOLAStudents Rebuild
…and the first pic­tures started show­ing up. Now is was get­ting excit­ing… and beautiful.
One Mil­lion Bones Com­mu­nity Ser­vice Project http://instagr.am/p/JH3gHpExU9/Jerome Bailey
This pic­ture was excep­tion­ally pop­u­lar, and was copied by a num­ber of people.
At Congo Square for the One Mil­lion Bones geno­cide art instal­la­tion event. #NOLA #One­Mil­lion­Bones http://twitpic.com/96txwouǝןɐʞ
Com­mu­nity Ser­vice “One Mil­lion Bones” http://pic.twitter.com/Mp7dg5GaC-100 | Dillard
Hey sr team! Ill tweet you some pics! @studentsrebuild #50knola http://pic.twitter.com/kxYCRVd6Kathleen McEuen
NOLA.com could have just tipped their hat to us on Fri­day and called it good, but they also plugged us on Sat­ur­day, which was above and beyond the call of duty.
One Mil­lion Bones project raises aware­ness of human­i­tar­ian crises around the world http://bit.ly/In5oV0NOLA.com
one mil­lion bones yes­ter­day: http://twitpic.com/976g8tjennifer hood
Too many bones to fit hor­i­zon­tally, apparently…
Hey sr team! Check out #50knola http://pic.twitter.com/DnIzXiAzKathleen McEuen
The whole instal­la­tion was recorded, and is soon to be a time-lapse video.

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